Vet Dr. Michael Köhler

Dr. Michael Köhler +49(0)172 - 30 16 702

An intensive veterinary examination of the horses is the basis of the selection for the “Schaufenster der Besten” . In addition to a standard clinical examination the following radiographs were made
• Toe lateral in both front legs (2 views)
• Navicular in both front legs (Oxspring technique)
• Toe lateral in both hind legs
• both Hocks in the three standard projections (0°, approx. 45°and approx. 135°)
• Stifle lateral (approx.90° and 180°)
All these documents you can see with your vet during the event. He can also send the radiographs and
the examination report on your request by mail. For this service please contact our vet Dr. Koehler by
mail (

For all questions of the health status and the radiographs you can speak with our vet Dr. Michael Koehler.
Please make an appointment for yourself or together with your vet.